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HANDS ACROSS THE POND - Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott CD cover
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Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott

Total Time: 43:56

  1. Te Bhan, Te Bhan/Hori Horo/Highland Boat
  2. Hunt the Squirrel/Jack's Maggot
  3. Niel Gow's Lamentation for his Brother
  4. Shepherd's Hey/Cuckoo's Nest
  5. Chorus Jig
  6. She's Like the Swallow
  7. Dick's Maggot
  8. Locheal's Awa' tae France
  9. Lady Walpole's Reel/Fred Roden's Reel
  10. May Day Morning/Wedding Reel
  11. McFadden's Handsome Daughter
  12. Abbot's Bromley Horn Dance

  13. Richard Greene - Violin
  14. Beryl Marriott - Piano
Hands Across The Pond - Richard Greene & Beryl Marriott

This exceptional recording combines the unique talents of fiddler-extraordinaire Richard Greene with those of English pioneering piano stylist/improviser Beryl Marriott. Together they explore both plaintive and joyous traditional folk melodies from the British Isles.

Richard Greene has been a stylistic groundbreaker for many decades, fiddling with Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys, the Jim Kweskin Jugband, Seatrain, Gary Burton, David Grisman plus many others, and leading his own 'The Grass is Greener', 'The Greene String Quartet' and 'Richard Greene and the Brothers Barton'.

Beryl Marriott has gained legendary status as a founder of The British folk music movement in the 1950s. She has influenced the music and careers of Kate Graham, Dave Swarbrick, Ian Campbell, Martin Carthy and numerous others.

Together these two masters of the folk idiom have created a recording of musical warmth and technical brilliance.

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Dick's Maggot

Lady Walpole's Reel