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The Headwaters Project - Various Artists  CD cover
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Various Artists

Total Time: 58:20

  1. In The Grove
  2. Canopy
  3. Night of 1000 Rains
  4. Forest Jam
  5. Butterfly Hill
  6. Redwood Solstice
  7. Land of The Grandfathers
  8. Cathedral Forest
  9. Heartwood
  10. For The Forest
  11. Elk Creek

  13. Matt Eakle
  14. Paul Winter
  15. David Grisman
  16. Zakir Hussain
  17. Alex de Grassi
  18. Norton Buffalo
  19. Paul McCandless
  20. The Turtle Island String Quartet
The Headwaters Project - Various Artists

The Headwaters Project seeks to protect the Northern California Redwood Forests by documenting the most important resource found in the magnificent old groves: inspiration. Matt Eakle, the producer of this album, hiked deep within the Headwaters Forest with a tape recorder, instruments in hand, and musicians in tow. He wanted the world to know that ancient trees are not just lumber and patio decks.

By sharing this sonic monument inspired by the wilderness, the musicians on this CD hope to benefit the organizations fighting tremendous odds to save this treasure for future generations. And they hope to inspire you to get involved.

100% of the royalties from this CD are being donated to organizations fighting to preserve the Headwaters Forest.

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In The Grove