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Total Time: 51:20

  1. Morro Glen
  2. Meadowsuite
  3. Hymn To Gila
  4. Granada Vox
  5. Haiku
  6. Lonesome Shack
  7. Concerto In E Flat
  8. Lama
  9. Colloquium: Dark & Light

  10. Tim Weed - Banjo & Sevan (On Haiku)
Tim Weed - Milagros

MILAGROS is a collection of classical compositions written for the 5-string banjo. This entirely original music is performed masterfully, with baroque, romantic, chromatic, modern, Spanish, and exotic influences and exploits the unique capabilities and stretches the boundaries of the instrument. At once contemporary and classic, this music is bursting with fresh melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic ideas.

The audiophile recording magically captures the rich, warm tone and takes you on an emotional journey into the private world of this 5-string banjo virtuoso.

"Milagros is a fascinating, wonderful CD, we love it!" - Bob Boilen, NPR

Flash audio samples available on desktop/laptop version

Morro Glen