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David Grisman Bluegrass Experience

Total time 61:54

  1. Muddy Roads (old-time)
  2. The Train That Carried My Gal
  3. The Lone Pilgrim
  4. Walkin' Boss
  5. Handsome Molly
  6. Willie Moore
  7. The Cuckoo Bird
  8. I'll Rise When The Rooster Crows
  9. Omie Wise
  10. The Roving Gambler
  11. Crawdad
  12. Trouble In Mind
  13. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues
  14. Shady Grove
  15. Your Long Journey
  16. Muddy Roads

  17. David Grisman - vocals, mandolin, mandola (6 & 14)
  18. Samson Grisman - vocals, bass
  19. Keith Little - vocals, banjo, mandolin (9) mandola (3)
  20. Chad Manning - fiddle
  21. Jim Nunally - vocals, guitar
  22. Tracy Bigelow Grisman - vocal (9)
Muddy Roads Hi-Def Master

When I was about 15 years old, I first heard the newly-recorded tapes that my neighbor, friend and mentor Ralph Rinzler had made in Shouns, Tennessee of the legendary old-time country musician Clarence "Tom" Ashley and his neighbors - Clint Howard, "Fiddlin'" Fred Price, Gaither Carlton and Arthel "Doc" Watson.

The music I experienced that day in Ralph's kitchen made an indelible imprint on my musical psyche which remains to this day.

This collection is my personal remembrance of Doc, Clarence and Ralph (all gone now) and my homage to them and the timeless tunes and songs that they played so long ago. - David Grisman

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Willie Moore

Blue Ridge Mountain Blues