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Svend Asmussen - Swing Violin Masterpieces Volume 2 - 1941-1943 CD cover
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Swing Violin Masterpieces Volume 2 - 1941-1943

Total time: 68:04
  1. Swing It, Hr. Laerer
  2. Nar Du Ser et Stjerneskud (When You Wish Upon a Star)
  3. Ring Dem Bells
  4. Miss Annabel Lee
  5. Look Out
  6. Plinke-Plonke
  7. Tu Ne Comprendes
  8. Uno Dos y Tres
  9. The Hut Sut Song
  10. Intermezzo
  11. Panhandle Pete
  12. I Heard
  13. Amapola
  14. Darktown Strutter's Ball
  15. Rockin' Chair
  16. Kiss The Boys Goodbye
  17. Frederik Hanne
  18. Vent Pa Mig
  19. You Are My Sunshine
  20. Gershwin Medley - Part 1 (I Got Rhythm, Bess You is My Woman)
  21. Gershwin Medley - Part 2 (Liza, It Ain't Necessarily So, Lady Be Good)
  22. Exactly Like You
  23. Baby Won't You Please Come Home
Svend Asmussen - Swing Violin Masterpieces Volume 2 - 1941-1943

Svend Asmussen, the legendary jazz violinist from Denmark has had an amazing career spanning more than 70 years in two centuries. In fact, as of 2009, Svend is still "svinging" at the age of 92! This four-volume collection contains 80 classic performances gleaned from his first 15 years as a recording artist.

The program includes selections from his first session recorded in Copenhagen, 1935, as well as the historic tracks he did with the Argentine swing guitar master Oscar Aléman. Svend was also a ground-breaking jazz vocalist and vibraphonist in Europe and his unique arrangements, vocal and instrumental, are featured here extensively.

Svend Asmussen - Swing Violin Masterpieces - Discography

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Darktown Strutters Ball

Exactly Like You