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David Grisman Quintet Live at the Count Basie Theater 6-5-09 CD cover
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Live at the Count Basie Theater 6-5-09

Disc 1 - Total Time: 54:43

  1. Emd
  2. Dawg Daze
  3. Bluegrass At The Beach
  4. Opus 57
  5. Blues For Vassar
  6. Svingin' With Svend
  7. Band Intros
  8. Grateful Dawg
  9. Tracy's Tune

Disc 2 - Total Time: 52:01

  1. 16/16
  2. Dawg's Waltz
  3. Bluegrass Intro
  4. Pigeon Roost
  5. Tone Poems Intro
  6. Dawg After Dark
  7. Intro
  8. Newly Wedding
  9. Intro
  10. Dawg's Rag
  11. Opus 38

  12. David Grisman - Mandolin
  13. Grant Gordy - Guitar
  14. Matt Eakle - Flute
  15. George Marsh - Drums
  16. Jim Kerwin - Bass
David Grisman Quintet Live at the Count Basie Theater 6-5-09

On June 5, 2009 the DGQ played to a packed house at the famed Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey (Dawg's home state.) The band included David and DGQ veterans Jim Kerwin (bass), Matt Eakle (flute and bass flute) and George Marsh (drums) as well as their new guitarist, Grant Gordy from Denver, Colorado. The vibe and music that night was unique and special, and captured in its' entirety by DGQ soundman Paul Knight.

Both complete sets are included in here, featuring inspired playing by the band as well as the recording debut of a recent Dawg composition, "Newly Wedding."

Flash audio samples available on desktop/laptop version

Newly Wedding

Grateful Dawg