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The Complete Tone Poems Vol. 2 - Tony Rice & David Grisman CD cover
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Tony Rice & David Grisman

Total time: 79:34
  1. I Am A Pilgrim Rap
  2. I Am A Pilgrim 1
  3. I Am A Pilgrim Master take
  4. I Am A Pilgrim Rap 3
  5. Mill Valley Waltz run through
  6. Mill Valley Waltz 1
  7. Mill Valley Waltz warming up
  8. Mill Valley Waltz 2
  9. Mill Valley Waltz 3
  10. Mill Valley Waltz 4
  11. Mill Valley Waltz Rap
  12. Mill Valley Waltz Master take
  13. Big Sandy Chuckles
  14. Vintage Gintage Blues 1
  15. Vintage Gintage Blues 2
  16. Vintage Gintage Blues 3
  17. Vintage Gintage Blues Master take
  18. Arkansas 57
  19. Blues & East Virginia
  20. I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister 1
  21. I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister 2
  22. I Don't Want Your Millions, Mister Master take
  23. Summertime
  24. Dawg After Dark 1

  25. Tony Rice - guitars
  26. David Grisman - mandolins

The Complete Tone Poems Vol. 2

In 1975 guitarist Tony Rice joined mandolinist David Grisman to form the ground-breaking David Grisman Quintet. During the next four years they created music that would change the direction of acoustic music.

When David conceived of a project that would showcase the sounds of vintage guitars and mandolins, Tony was the guitarist he invited. In January 1993 they spent a week in Dawg Studios recording 17 tunes, utilizing 34 different instruments to create Tone Poems.

The 230-minute Complete Tone Poems includes all of their performances (54 alternate takes and 9 alternate tunes) recorded for Tone Poems and offers a glimpse of the personal process that produced this unique project.

Flash audio samples available on desktop/laptop version

Mill Valley Waltz