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Hal Blaine Strikes Again!! - More Stories, Jokes & Gags from the World's Greatest Drummer CD cover
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More Stories, Jokes & Gags from the "World's Greatest Drummer"

Total Time: 59:20

  1. ntroduction
  2. $20 for Dry Cleaning
  3. Two Parrots
  4. Subway Encounter
  5. Doctors & Drugstores
  6. Why Booze?
  7. Hookers
  8. Golfer with a Girdle
  9. Blind Golfers
  10. The "F" Word
  11. Golf Funeral
  12. The Boar War
  13. Draft Dodger
  14. Drunk in Between Two Nuns
  15. "Ear"
  16. Momback
  17. Pig & a Musician
  18. FBI Candidates
  19. Firing Squad
  20. Good & Bad News
  21. Uncle Morris
  22. Pope's Crossword Puzzle
  23. Jerry Fielding
  24. Shirley & the Dog
  25. Mrs. Johnson's Dog
  26. I'm Tuning
  27. Kamikaze
  28. Like Animals
  29. Nothing Has Changed
  30. Old Man at the Whore House
  31. Prostate Condition
  32. Salesmen
  33. Ironing Board Salesman
  34. Travelling Salesman
  35. Siamese Twins in England
  36. The Italian Kid
  37. Sperm Donor
  38. St. Peter
  39. Save the Old Man
  40. Animals Talk
  41. Vampire Bats
  42. Man in the Blue Suit
  43. The Old Barber Joke
  44. The Stowaway
Hal Blaine Strikes Again!! - More Stories, Jokes & Gags from the "World's Greatest Drummer"

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In May 1997, legendary drummer Hal Blaine gave four unique performances as a standup comic in Dawg Studios - recorded for his one and only comedy album, Buh-Doom! (Acoustic Disc ACD 31) produced by David Grisman. Now, from those same unique sessions, comes the long-rumored sequel - funnier and even more irreverent!

In a culture that's so politically correct it's losing its sense of humor, Hal Blaine brings it back with a vengeance. No joke is too old to tell or nationality too precious to poke fun at for Hal, known to legions of fans, musicians, engineers, producers and record industry moguls as "The World's Greatest Drummer."

You've heard Hal's drums on 362 gold records (including hits by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, Phil Spector, the Mamas & the Papas and countless others), seven consecutive "Record of the Year" albums and some 35,000 song titles spanning the last 50 years of popular music.

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I'm Tuning

Vampire Bats